Harriet the kneader


Harriet kneads me every single night without fail. She would meow, following me around the house until I sit down on the sofa or bed. Then she would jump into my lap and start kneading my stomach and chest blissfully. Her eyes would be half closed and sometimes she would drool. After a while, she would jump off my lap and curl up next to me to sleep.

She started this habit when she was a kitten, after we had rehomed her two siblings. She would meow loudly for me each time she woke up from a nap. I guess I indulged her by running to her each time she meowed.

In fact, Harriet’s mother cat was a kneader too. When we were fostering the mother cat while she was recuperating from her sterilisation, she would knead me after meal times.

Harriet is already an adult cat (two years old as I write this) but still enjoys kneading. I wonder if she will continue kneading as she grows older.

I’ve read that you can train your cat not to knead, by moving away whenever it starts to knead you. I don’t stop Harriet from kneading me because I can see that she loves it so much. Fortunately she is small and petite, because I could not imagine one of the bigger cats (Max and Monty each weigh at least 5 kg) jumping on me every day to knead!