Pounce and play


No matter how tired I may be after work, I try to spend at least ten minutes a day playing with Max, Monty and Harriet. On weekends, they get more play time with me, of course.

When the trio were younger, I spent more time playing with them. After all, a bored kitten is a naughty kitten, as the saying goes. Now that they are adult cats, it is even more important for me to find time to play with them, or else they would do nothing more than eat and sleep!

Play is crucial, because it's a form of exercise. It also helps your cat stay mentally alert. This is besides building stronger bonds between cat and human.

We have a toy box at home filled with their cat toys. Like children, cats get bored easily. So it's good to rotate your cat toys.


One of their favourite toys is Da Bird wand toy. We first bought the wand in 2014. It is sturdy, and the feather tip can be replaced. We've gone through many feather tips over the years. It's unique because the feathers flutter in the air like a real bird.

All three of them have their own styles of playing with Da Bird. Monty likes to hide behind the curtains and pounce on the feathers. He also likes it when I pretend that the feather is "trapped", such as stuck behind a cushion. He would then stalk and pounce on it, as if he were a lion attacking a prey in distress.

Max likes to roll on his back, stomach exposed, and bite the feather. I would tickle his belly with the feather and he’d squirm.

Harriet loves play time the most. She has the best stamina. She can play non stop while the other two older ones would stop now and then for a breather. Each evening after dinner she would walk me to the cabinet where Da Bird is kept, meowing all the way. She’d hide quietly and leap onto the feather all of a sudden. Being the smallest and lightest, she can somersault in the air gracefully while trying to catch the feather.