Obsessed with treats

max & monty

Max and Monty are treat-obsessed cats. They even know how to beg for their treats. Monty is extremely persistent. He would sit next to you and stare at your face without budging. Max’s style is to sit at your feet, look up at you with his big round eyes and meow pitifully. In the end, because we spoil them, they will end up with their treats.

Our cats eat freeze dried treats. They are all natural without addictives—simply pure meat. Previously I would buy freeze dried chicken treats in bulk online, which all three of them loved. However I recently discovered that Monty scratches more when he eats these chicken treats. Hence at the moment, only Max and Harriet are eating the chicken treats—to finish up the supply we have at home. Monty has his own stash of freeze dried salmon treats.

Sometimes, when Max and Monty are fussy at mealtimes, I end up sprinkling their treats on their food to entice them to eat. This always works. Again, this is me spoiling them, but I prefer them to not starve the whole day while we’re at work.

Harriet is not as food motivated as the two brothers. Although she gets her share of treats along with the others, she has never once begged for treats, or demanded treats sprinkled over her food. Perhaps it’s because she’s a girl and is sensitive of her weight!